The need to end Afghan war responsibly

Wednesday, 31 May 2017 03:07 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 309 times

Although the security and political situation of Afghanistan is deteriorating, the United States is yet to clarify its Afghan policy. The Trump-led US administration is still busy reviewing its policy on Afghanistan, though it was expected to be announced at NATO Heads of States Summit in Brussels. The Pentagon has asked the Trump administration to send additional troops to Afghanistan to break the stalemated Afghan war. The United States has also urged other NATO member states to increase their troop level in Afghanistan, a call rejected by some countries including Germany, and greeted with opposition in some other states. 


While the new US policy is yet to be declared publicly, opposition with troop surge proposal is on the rise.  In additional to Afghans, many Americans also believe that troop surge cannot resolve Afghan conflict. In a recent development, a 10-member group of democrats and republicans has asked the Trump administration to end the Afghan war, and pull out all American troops from Afghanistan. According to the group, most Americans are tired of the Afghan war; therefore, the objective of their proposition is also to put an end to this war, which serves the interests of none. 

 The interest of international community in Afghanistan has dwindled as the Afghan government is faced with more challenges than ever. The war is escalating; the casualties of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have reached record high; and the hopes of Afghanistan becoming economically self-reliant are withering. If the international community once again turns its back on Afghanistan amid these so many challenges, the country can face a scenario similar to that occurred after the defeat of Soviet forces. 

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), especially the United States as a country that has waged the Afghan war, should also end the war responsibly. The complete pullout of American troops from Afghanistan prior to the success of a logical political solution can have grave consequences not only for Afghanistan but also the entire region and world. Taking into account such a threat, the United States and NATO need to turn their attention to the political settlement of Afghan conflict, and responsibly end the war they have begun.



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