Jeremy Corbyn’s acknowledgement reality of war on terror

Tuesday, 30 May 2017 03:17 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 332 times

While scores of people daily lose their lives under the war against terrorism in some countries of the world, the issue becomes a hot topic only when a developed country witnesses a terror attack. Even the death of hundreds of people in countries, which are considered as the prime victims of terrorism, and where the west has waged a war in the name of terrorism under the leadership of the United States, cannot open door for as much debate on the root causes of this vicious phenomenon as a single terror incident in the west can. 


The fight against terrorism has once again become a hot topic following a suicide attack at a concert of an American singer in UK’s Manchester City, in which 22 people were killed. In reaction to the incident, the Leader of UK’s Labor Party, Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, has said at an election campaign gathering that incidents such as the Manchester bombing have a direct link to British foreign policy. According to him, the Britain’s involvement in, or support to, foreign conflicts has increased the threat level of terror attacks in his country. While his statements have invited strong criticism in UK, Corbyn has indeed singled out the root cause of the problem which other western leaders should also pluck up the courage to take it up. 

The war on terrorism in almost all countries from Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria and Yemen has not yielded any intended results which the western governments can use as a justification to convince their people and the world. The result of the western presence in Afghanistan for over a decade and a half is the empowerment of terrorism other than its suppression. Not only the number of terror groups has increased, but the level of their barbarity has also heightened. The cultivation and trade of narcotics have reached an unprecedented level. Similarly, the weapons of mass destruction, as claimed by the west, were also not found in Iraq, a stable and terrorism-free country which turned into a sanctuary for the most brutal terrorists such as Daesh after the US-led invasion of the country. The upshots of the west-waged war on terror are the same in other countries. 

The time has come for politicians in the west leaders to follow the footsteps of Corbyn, and summon the courage to put an end to the deprivation of other countries of independent under the ploy of the war against terrorism, thereby not only respecting the will of other nations, but also making their countries safe from the Manchester-like attacks.



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