Peace parleys most logical way to settle Afghan conflict

Sunday, 28 May 2017 03:51 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 271 times

The war is intensifying day by day in Afghanistan. The more the conflict expands, the greater its human loss and destruction. Fighting has escalated as usual following the launch of Taliban’s spring offensive. The only different this year is that the Taliban launch simultaneous multi-pronged attacks on different areas so as to disrupt the government’s concentration on war.


Afghan forces facing serious challenges due to weak leadership, widespread corruption, and insufficient equipment are concurrently fighting against the enemies on different fronts. They were fighting only against the Taliban until a few years ago, but now other militant groups such Daesh whose number reach up to 20 have emerged. Only last week, about 61 Afghan soldiers lost their lives in Taliban attacks only in Kandahar. Such high level of casualties among Afghan National Defense and Security Force (ANDSF) formed with a lot of efforts and difficulties challenge its survival. 

The more the war escalates, the higher the need for settlement of the conflict becomes. The experience of past years showed that Afghan conflict doesn’t have a military solution which can guarantee the interests of Afghan people. While some sides may lay emphasis on military solution under the slogan of winning the war, it can indeed protract the war whose all victims are Afghans. 

No matter however a war may continue, its end will still be negotiations and dialogue so there is no need to delay such an option. The Afghan sides of the conflict should, for the country’s best interests, at least accept a peace initiative that can yield an enduring stability in the country.  The government and militants can accomplish their political goals without fighting, so if any side is emphasizing on war, it is a clear enmity towards the people of the country. If they think that they can accomplish their short-term goals through this enmity, they will definitely lose the support of the nation that has turned the country into a graveyard of global empires. It is right that the violence over the last half a century might have toughened unity and mobilization for Afghans, if they get united against any side, its downfall is inevitable. 


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