Saudi Arabia, continued problems in Islamic world

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Saudi Arabia is a revered country for all Muslims because Makka al-Mukarama,regarded as the holiest place in the Islambecause of being the birthplace of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and the site of the first revelation of the Holy Quran, is located there. Whenever the problems of Muslim countries are discussed, Saudi Arabia always plays a leading role in the discussions. As the spiritual leader of the Islamic world, the Middle Eastern nation has some other obligations besides serving its own citizens, which are to resolve conflicts in Muslim countries; however, it has unfortunately done nothing so far to tackle such issues. 



In a latest development, the oil-rich country sealed a 110 billion arms deal with the United States, based on which Saudi Arabia will be provided with defense and military hardware intended to improve the security of the country, as well as of the Gulf States. Also, the country should enhance its counterterrorism efforts in the region, a move apparently aimed at aiding the United States to relieve itself of pressure in its fight against terrorism in the Middle East. 


There are other better alternatives to such costly weapons deals by Saudi Arabia that can contribute to stability in the Middle East and Islamic world better than the military might of the country can do. In addition to a militarily strong Saudi Arabia, the Middle Eastern nations need long-term development programs to have peace and stability, which have been ignored so far.  Even some naturally rich countries are also embroiled in crises and poverty because of political instability and wars. If Saudi Arabia appropriates a portion of its military spending to stability and development efforts, the results will be significant and tangible. 

Only military power cannot fully protect Saudi Arabia from the scourge of expanding instability in the region. To address the growing regional instability, Saudi Arabia, in coordination with other Islamic nations, should explore and spearhead an initiative that can permanently extricate the Muslim world from the ongoing problems and miseries, and put an end to dark era of the bloody wars. Thus, as the spiritual leading country of the Muslim world, Saudi Arabia needs to send messages of peace instead of gearing up for wars. 


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