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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 03:36 Written by  Heart Of Asia Read 360 times

After almost half of a century of political instability and conflict in Afghanistan, peace is now the basic need of Afghans because it will be very rare to find a family that may have not lost a member in the conflict during this period, and the continuation of the current situation is no longer tolerable. In addition to human loss, the war has divested Afghanistan of countless development opportunities, and the industrious Afghan nation of a prosperous and tranquil life, and opportunities of becoming self-sufficient. 


The best thing politicians and governments can do for this war-weary nation is to restore peace to the country. Even some small steps in this regard are also warmly welcome by the people, and will have their full support. As part of such efforts for peace, the latest and good news is that some representatives of the Taliban have reportedly made contacts with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of Hizb-e-Islami Afghanistan (HIA) party who himself recently joined the reconciliation process as per a landmark peace deal with Afghan government.  Qarib Rahman Saeed, the chair of HIA’s press committee, said they had asked the Taliban from day one to join the peace process, and based on those requests, talks have begun. Saeed has even claimed the high level talks had been held with authorized Taliban representatives, in which the restoration of their rights and certain guarantees were discussed. 


The HIA’s contact with the Taliban in an attempt to convince them to enter peace talks with Afghan government is a good initiative that needs to be sustained. 

As an individual who has accepted the government’s call for peace, and who is yet become a part of the government, is the best option to mediate between the government and the Taliban. If he can bring the Taliban and Afghan government to the negotiating table, it will be the best part of his political life which neither the Afghan nation nor the history will forget. 

In the current tenuous political situation in Afghanistan, efforts for peace are the best choice for HIA and Hekmatyar. They should try to focus on achieving big goals such as peace instead of engaging in trivial daily matters. Also, the government has the responsibility to support such efforts in order to find a political solution to the imposed, foreign war. 


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