US to blame for NUG’s failure

Tuesday, 09 May 2017 03:31 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 260 times

The failure and incompetence of the National Unity Government (NUG) is no longer justifiable. The government has not yet honored any of its major promises over the past two years and a half, and its leaders, instead of trying to correct the situation, are very busy sharing power that they have no regard for the deteriorating security situation. Since the inception of the government, the country’s security, economic and political situation is increasingly moving on the wrong direction. The fall of districts has become a routine practice, and the capitals of some provinces are under serious threat. Regional consensus which is considered indispensable for Afghan peace and stability has shattered, with some people even raising the concern of Afghanistan turning into a second Syria. 



The performance of National Unity Government is under serious criticism; however, the criticism of this government by Americans is surprising. In its recent article, The Washington Times has described the Afghan government as puppet, incompetent, barbaric, and hated, in additional to vehemently blasting it. The use of such descriptive terms with puppet itself returns a share of the blame back to the first person. 


Since the United States imposed the National Unity Government on Afghans against their will, the root cause of the failure of the government is Americans. Instead of the will of millions of people who participated in a huge democratic process, the election, despite serious threats, only a single vote of the then US Secretary of State John Kerry shaped the fate of the government; therefore, the United States is to be blamed more than anyone else for the NUG’s failure.

Another related key issue here is that the failure and all problems occurred at a time when American troops were still stationed in Afghanistan. Terrorism, poppy cultivation and trade, and corruption grew under their watch. It was the wrong US policies or their ambiguity that not only could not save Afghanistan from terrorism, narcotics and corruption despite tens of thousands of human lossover the past decade and a half, but these phenomena have become further rooted. 


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