Clear Pakistani invasion of Afghanistan despite American presence

Sunday, 07 May 2017 03:27 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 427 times

Following its years of proxy war, Pakistan has resorted to direct confrontation against Afghanistan in recent years. From illegal construction of facilities along the Durand Line to rocket attacks and military operations deep inside Afghan soil, Islamabad has clearly violated Afghan territorial integrity in many instances, the recent of which was its acts of aggression in Kandahar’s Spin Boldak district and Nangarhar’s Torkham. According to Afghan officials, Pakistani forces had crossed the zero points along the Durand Line in Spin Boldak district, and launched anti-Afghan government propaganda in addition to conducing a censusin the Luqman area of the district. Similarly, Pakistani forces also attacked Afghan forces in the Torkham crossing, and both incidents caused heavy casualties and financial damages.  


Afghans who have a “golden history” of defensing their soil against foreign invaders are able to stand against Pakistan; however, as a close ally and a country which effectively has a military presence in Afghanistan, the United States carries huge responsibilities in this regard none of which have been undertaken so far. Based on the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) for which United States campaigned a lot to have it signed with Afghanistan, standing against any act of foreign aggression against Afghanistan is its responsibility. Despite such a clear instrument, American officials have long been silent on Pakistani aggressions against Afghan soil. 

The most serious compulsion of Afghans to have a security pact with the United States was to become safe from the evil of their malevolent neighboring countries, especially Pakistan, but unfortunately Americans did not fulfill their commitments in this regard. The United States has never stood against Pakistan.  During American presence in Afghanistan, Pakistan is brazenly invading Afghanistan in addition to its proxy forces fighting against Afghan government and people.  

If the United States cannot eliminate terror groups and narcotics in Afghanistan, and if it cannot protect Afghan people from the clear aggression of their neighboring countries, including Pakistan, what benefit the presence of thousands of American troops will have to Afghans. The time has come for Afghan people to evaluate the pros and cons of American presence in the light of American goals and actions, and make some logical decisions which can protect the interests of both Afghans and Americans. 


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