A recurrent failure that claims the lives of ANDSF

Sunday, 23 April 2017 03:18 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 308 times

Poor leadership, corruption and culture of impunity daily claim the lives of Afghan National Defense and Security Force (ANDSF). They are the very problems and flaws that have put Afghan military, which is the only saver of the country, at the risk of irreparable loss. Being as the only hope of Afghan people for having a peaceful future, ANDSF is paying a heavy price for the negligence and corruption of their leadership, whose recent instance was the attack on 209th Shaheen Military Corps Headquarters in northern Mazar-e-Sharif, which, according to unconfirmed reports, has left at least 140 soldiers dead and about 80 others wounded. 


The insurgents have used almost a repeated tactic in the attack on the 209th Shaheen Military Corps Headquarters. Wearing Afghan National Army (ANA) uniform and using ANA ranger vehicles, they have gained entry into army center exactly at a time when some soldiers were busy performing the Friday prayer and some others having lunch. The use of ANA vehicles and uniform by terrorists in their attacks on government forces is a tactic repeatedly utilized by terrorists to kill Afghan forces. 

Despite its frequent use by rebels, the failure of Afghan forces to prevent the tactic is a sign of their poor leadership, corruption, negligence and a culture of impunity prevalent in Afghan forces. If similar instances had been properly investigated and the negligent officials or those aided the insurgents punished, ANS soldiers would not have faced with the repeat of such a bloody incident. 

In addition to highlighting the sacrifices of Afghan forces in the war on terror in a press statement, President Ghani paid a visit to the 209th Shaheen Military Corps Headquarters, a move that cannot help correct the situation. Instead of the visit, he should stay in his office in Kabul and use his constitutional powers to purge the leadership of Afghan National Defense and Security Force from corrupt and negligent officials. He should also order a transparent investigation into such incidents, and punish all those found to have shown negligence so that it will become a lesson for others and no one will ever think to commit such a treason. Only showing sympathy with families of the victims and visiting the attacked side cannot cure the wounds of families who have lost their relatives, and neither can prevent such heart-rending incidents from occurring again.  


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