NUG’s failure; U.S. responsibility

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 15:22 Written by  Heart of asia Read 310 times

Following the disputed 2014 presidential election, the majority of Afghans opposed the creation of the National Unity Government (NUG). Through a number of protest gatherings, the people of Afghanistan called on Ashraf Ghani to protect their votes, and Abdullah Abdullah to respect the will of the people by conceding his defeat. Despite the calls from Afghan people, the United States, as per its usual behavior, imposed a government on Afghans under the pretext of mediation that they did not want. Thus, the US is also to be blamed for the NUG’s failures and activities. 


The level of problems and dissatisfaction of people with the National Unity Government no longer can be concealed.  The government not only has failed to deliver on its promises, but has also put the existing achievements in many areas at risk. From security problems to the intractable actions of strongmen are all against the election slogans and promises of Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah. 

One of the major reasons of current problems of government in Afghanistan is the internal disagreement between leaders of the National Unity Government. Their differences and thirst for power have paved the way for disorder, which dashes the hopes of Afghans for having a bright future in addition to increasingly undermining the morale of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). 

The latest report of the International Crisis Group (ICG) on government performance suggests that the continuity of rifts between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah can threaten the economic gains and stability of Afghanistan. The report has noted that there still serious discords between the two leaders, which may lead to further fragility and instability in the NUG.

Although the International Crisis Group considers the ambiguity in the NUG’s power-sharing agreement a source of contention between government leaders, the main problem is the makeup of the government. The current government structure appeared to end up in failure from the very beginning because it is useless to expect the solution of problems in the existence of two heads of government in a country.  The United States which has founded the government should now also accept the responsibility for the failure of the government, and try not to impel the poor Afghans to pay the piper of such of a failed dispensation.


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