Efforts to attract foreign investment; its barriers

Sunday, 09 April 2017 16:10 Written by  Heart of asia Read 293 times

As people in other countries of the world hear the name of Afghanistan, most of them start to think of war, killing and terrorist activities. While it right that these are the ground realities of today’s Afghan society which cannot be ignored, there are many other positive attributes which are also worth noting. Despite all the woes and adversities, Afghanistan is still fount of many opportunities that are mostly unknown to the public.


Everyone knows that Afghanistan is the world’s major opium producer; however, very few people understand that the country is also a “Saudi Arabia of lithium”. Afghanistan is also known for increased violence against women, but very few people realize that Afghanistan has more female lawmakers than the US has in its Congress. The long-running war and administrative corruption has continued to deprive Afghanistan of many good titles and opportunities. 

Famous for its reliance on foreign aid money, Afghanistan has plenty of opportunities to become economically self-sufficient. Investment in the country’s natural deposits, particular foreign one, is one of these opportunities, which, if properly utilized, can steer the country towards self-sufficiency. 

Although Afghan governments have always encouraged foreigners to invest in Afghanistan, no one has yet dared to do so. Investors cannot be persuaded by only holding conferences and inviting them to Afghanistan; they count on actions, not words, and easily determine whether or not to invest in Afghanistan once they look into the government’s attitudes towards Afghan investors. Wrong government policies, bureaucracy, security problems and corruption not only dissuade foreigners to invest in Afghanistan, but also force local investors to take their investments out of the country. In recent years, billions of dollars have been taken abroad through illegal channels, dealing a major blow to Afghan economy. 

If the government really intends to encourage investment in Afghanistan, it should first start its work from national investors. Through meeting their legitimate demands and addressing their problems, it should prove to international investors that if they want to do investment in Afghanistan, not only their capital will be secure. but they will also make appropriate profits.