Salvation of education top priority

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 02:14 Written by  Heart of asia Read 277 times

The progress in education sector over the past few years was the only hope for the future of Afghanistan. After the bitter experience of the decades-long fighting, there were hopes that the coming educated generation was a herald and good tidings of a prosperous and stabilized future for Afghanistan. History has shown that only learned generations and ones equipped with advanced modern expertise and capabilities can steer their countries toward prosperity and tranquility.


Although Afghanistan has made some gains in terms of education and sharing of experiences with the world over the past decade and a half, they are at stake similar to others in the recent years. Escalation of violence, and prevalent corruption in government institutions has seriously hurt the education system, whose continuation can shut the door on this sole opportunity for Afghans to have a better life.

Statistics indicate that the number of closed schools in the country has more than doubled over the last two years. There were about 450 closed schools in the country at the inception of the National Unity Government, which government leaders had promised to reopen over a period of two years, but not only they have not opened the schools, but the number also increased by more than twofold. The Ministry of Education says the number of schools closed due to various reasons in the country exceeds 1,000. 

While the main anti-government group, the Taliban, also has not openly opposed the operation of schools, the existence of such a high number of closed schools is a matter of great disappointment. The deprivation of Afghan children of education is a great menace as much as that of the continuation of the war, which is very hard for a country wrestling with enormous problems and challenges such as Afghanistan to compensate.  

Since Afghanistan has suffered major blows and losses from this area, the government and all parties to the conflict have to give a priority to the education sector. The government needs to make strides to open the closed schools instead of just sitting on its hands. The militants should also come forward to prove their claim that they don’t oppose education, and demonstrate that they really are not disrupting the education process in the country.