Moscow Afghan peace conference with no US representation

Sunday, 26 March 2017 02:24 Written by  Heart of asia Read 392 times

It is now proved without a shadow of doubt that the conflict in Afghanistan is not in Afghan interests. The ongoing war has been waged by others to pursue their own strategic ends, who give it different dimensions, as and when they wish, exploiting the compulsion of Afghan people. The war and its protraction serve the interests of others, but claim the lives of Afghan people who daily struggle to find food to eat. Since the root causes of the Afghan conflict are external, finding a solution to it is also beyond the control of only Afghans. Even if Afghans try to unilaterally seek a settlement to the conflict, the external factors are preventing them from making it a success, and therefore never allow the war to end without a guarantee of their interests. 


Following the debacle of the quartet Afghan peace process aimed at facilitating direct talks between the Taliban and Afghan government, Russia spurred into action to try to take the initiative in Afghan reconciliation process. As a primary step, Russia held a meeting with China and Pakistan, and then involved Afghanistan, India, Iran and the United States in the process. Afghanistan has attended in one session and is expected to take part in the second meeting due to be held in Moscow next month. Although Russia had also invited the US to participate in the conference, Washington has turned down Moscow’s request. 

The American refusal to attend the Moscow conference dashes hopes of peace.  As a key actor, Washington who has thousands of troops in Afghanistan should be part of any deal or decision on Afghanistan because its absence denotes discontent, which can make any peace overtures end up in failure. The involvement of the United States is indispensable to make the Moscow Afghan peace process a success, which should not be ignored by parties involved in the negotiations. 

The political settlement of Afghan conflict may be very intricate but not impossible. The first step to achieve this goal is to forge a consensus between regional and global power, in which Afghan government has unfortunately failed so far. If the US stays away from the Moscow conference for whatever reasons, its chances to yield fruit will be very low.