NUG’s shocking posture on aggravating security

Thursday, 09 March 2017 18:52 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 399 times

Incidents of violence and insecurity have increased unprecedentedly in the country. Security is exacerbating day by day, and the war claims the lives of both Afghan civilians and security forces on daily basis. From direct confrontations to airstrikes, suicide attacks and to explosions, the victims of all security incidents are Afghan people. The continuity of fighting daily takes its heavy toll on Afghan families across the country.


The Wednesday terror attack on Shahid Sardar Mohammed Daud Khan Hospital in Kabul bereaved hundreds of Afghan families. According to the latest figures, about 50 people were martyred and at least 80 others wounded, some critically, in the Daesh-claimed terrorist attack. In Afghan society where social and interfamily links are very strong, the death of one person is not mourned by one family, but it is rather a grief shared by hundreds of families. Such sorrow is no longer an incident of single occurrence, but it has unfortunately become a routine.

The response and behavior of the National Unity Government (NUG) towards the deteriorating security and rising violence are very surprising. Kabul has witnessed a spate of deadly terror attacks over the past two weeks, yet no security officials have been questioned for negligence and dereliction of duty. Even if that happens, the most severe disciplinary action against them is their relocation, which is on no account a fundamental solution. The heads of security and defense institutions act as if they bear no responsibility for the protection of people and their properties. 

The government leaders must realize that the filling of government seats and reporting for duty daily are not their only responsibilities. They are duty bound to protect the lives and properties of Afghan people, as well as the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. If any government officials, from the top to the bottom, including the president, cannot carry out their duties properly, they have to at least have the moral courage to step aside, and apologize to the nation. 

NUG leaders should not forget the judgment of history. Instead of deceiving the people through empty slogans, they should find a logical solution to the Afghan plight. They better knew the situation of Afghanistan so if they did not have the ability to govern the country, why they took over this huge responsibility. The leaders should prefer national interests to personal interests and disagreements at least in the current delicate situation of the country, because it is now a matter of the fate and survival of the whole nation. 


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