The climax of savagery

Wednesday, 08 March 2017 17:12 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 426 times

With each passing day, the nasty faces of Afghan conflict unfold. The more the imposed war prolongs, the more clearly it exposes the extent of its ugliness. From mosques to universities and to health facilities, nowhere is safe in Afghanistan. Hospital is the accommodation of the most helpless people, the patients, and even the poorest person of this country is not safe the scourge of war. 


Yesterday, terrorists targeted the 400-bed Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital in capital Kabul, inflicting causalities on dozens of people, mostly doctors and hospitalized patients. Unlike the past, the Taliban rejected involvement in the attack, while Daesh or the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group claimed responsibility for it. 

The complex terrorist onslaught on the well-equipped health facility shows that terror groups such as the IS have no regard for any rules of war.  It is not important for them who the victims of their acts of terrorism are; the only thing they want is to indiscriminately shoot and kill as many people as possible anywhere, including health centers.

Attack on a hospital is the worst level of barbarity, and is never and under no circumstances and values justifiable. While the acts of terror such as yesterday’s Kabul attack show the intensity of the horror of terrorists on the one hand, it exposes the weakness and fragility of Afghan government, particularly of the security apparatus, on the other hand. Even a slight negligence of Afghan security institutions in the current delicate conditions in Afghanistan can lead to massive tragedies such as the deadly Kabul attack. Howsoever the country’s security situation exacerbates, the more the responsibilities of Afghan security institutions increase; however, this is also otherwise in Afghanistan. The corrupt and negligent security officials are recognized instead of being held accountable. 

Besides the Afghan government, the international community should also not turn a blind eye to the current situation of Afghanistan. Individuals, institutions and countries backing, nurturing, and financing terrorists need to be held accountable through proper channels. Afghans cannot tolerate the fight against terrorism anymore in its current form. There should be transparency, honesty and decisiveness. Not only the terrorists, but also their supporters at whatever level should be targeted. Terrorists should be eliminated at their safe havens in Pakistan so that Afghanistan and the whole world become immune from the scourge of terrorism. 


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