Need for fundamental work for women

Wednesday, 08 March 2017 03:37 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 500 times

As in many countries of the world, the 8th of March is also marked in Afghanistan as International Women’s Day (IWD). The women-centered programs of Afghan government and international donor organizations are still mostly limited to celebrations as is the case in other areas. Although some progress has been made in the area of women’s rights, it is limited to only a few spheres and cities. The majority of women in Afghanistan are not only deprived but also unaware of their rights, while many more don’t know anything like women’s rights. 



A large majority of women in Afghan society are still treated as slaves or goods, even by their own family members, which not only is a violation of human rights, but also an act in total contradiction with Islamic teachings. 


While tens of millions of dollars have been spent on women’s rights in Afghanistan over the last decade and a half, their lives have not been improved. Instead of being spent to protect women’s rights, a lion of share of the international aid money allocated to women’s rights has been embezzled the same way as other foreign assistance. 

Violence against women, and violation of women’s rights have become a routine in Afghanistan, committed not only by men but also women. Even women’s rights groups are accused of treating women’s rights as a project, and their activities have become more profit-oriented, thereby leading to no practical improvement in the condition of women.  


The initiatives focused on the protection of women’s rights, which are mostly short-term and project-based, cannot heal the pains of Afghan women if continued in their current form. In addition to ensuring transparency in the aid money spent in this area, there is a need for a fundamental work to be undertaken across the country through a comprehensive, integrated mechanism. To this end, the first step is to provide education opportunity for women because educated and self-reliant women and girls, as well those well aware of their rights is a necessity for the prosperity of the society.  


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