Startling corruption case in Afghan security apparatus

Sunday, 26 February 2017 03:44 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 382 times

Security institutions are means of salvation of countries and governments. Given this significance, corruption in these entities is the most dangerous of its kind because the fate of a government depends on them. Afghanistan, which is faced with enormous challenges in terms of corruption, is even not free from the very damaging type of this phenomenon. Sometimes, very alarming reports of corruption in Afghan security institutions surface on the media. The most worrying and dangerous type of graft is the selling of weapons and ammunitions of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) to militants, the very people who have been fighting against  Afghan forces. 


Concerns about the issue have recently increased once again. In a latest instance, Afghan forces in southern Helmand province complained about the sale of their weapons and ammunitions, and there are now reports about the same issue in northern Balkh province. A member of the Balkh Provincial Council claims that Afghan forces are killed by their own weapons and bullets in the province. 

He discloses that the insurgents are attacking Afghan forces and disrupting security using the weapons of Afghan Special Police Force Unit of Balkh Police Headquarters. It is said that some 102 weapons have disappeared from the Unit which, according to the provincial member, might have been sold to the rebels. As a proof to support the claim, Zabihullah Kakar, the provincial council member, points to the killing of a National Directorate of Security (NDS) personnel, who was shot dead with a gun belonging to the Special Police Force. 

The issue of Afghan forces being killed by their own weapons is not only saddening, but a shame for the government, especially for security officials. If a security official of any level is involved in this affair, it is not a corruption, but a national treason that should be dealt with full force. This enemy is far dangerous for Afghan forces, who voluntarily shoulder the great responsibility of protecting the country and people at the cost of their lives, than the enemies involved in a direct confrontation with them.  Also, this is not an enmity with Afghan forces only, but the whole nation. 

The continuation of the situation will have irremediable consequences for the fledgling ANDSF. Administrative corruption and poor government performance have deprived Afghans of all opportunities of development, and the continuity may drive the government to the brink of collapse.  



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