Hope of improved Russia-US bond, its impact on Afghanistan

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 03:29 Written by  Read 432 times

US President-elect Donald Trump has defended his stance to repair US relations with Russia. In a tweet, he has asserted that only “fools” will oppose improvement in US-Russia ties, believing that Russians will respect the United States in his presidency more than now, and that both countries will work together to resolve global issues. However, his statements have drawn mixed reactions. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has commended Trump’s stance, characterizing warm relations between the United States and Russia as pivotal for peace and stability in Afghanistan and the globe. 



As two world superpowers, the Russia-US relationship has a direct impact on other countries, particularly on a nation like Afghanistan which is located in close proximity to Russia, and where the United States has a strong military presence. Thus, any kind of tension in their relations is doubtlessly detrimental to Afghanistan. The more their ties become stained, the damaging the ramifications for Afghanistan will be. 

Russia who was supporting the US-led military coalition in Afghanistan from its onset has recently changed mind. Statements by Russian officials suggest Moscow doesn’t want to remain impartial in Afghan issues anymore. Because of this, the US-Russia clash will have grave consequences for Afghanistan. The majority of Afghans are also scared that their country may once again turn into a battleground for the proxy wars of the two powers. 


Trump’s recent remarks and his resolve to mend fences with Russia are in the interest of the world in general and Afghanistan in particular. If he really prevents a clash with Russia and paves the way for cooperation between the two nations during his presidency, many of the current problems of other countries engendered by conflicting US-Russia interests and muscle-flexing can be tackled; therefore, both Washington and Moscow need to pursue their interests in Afghan peace and stability rather than in war.  

If the United States properly address the concerns of major global powers such as Russia and avoid unilateralism, the world will become a far better place to live in than it is at the moment. 


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