The slogan of reform a vehicle to dupe people

Wednesday, 14 December 2016 04:08 Written by  Read 394 times

The overhaul of government institutions has become a tool for leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) to hoax the public and the international community. Talks about reform get heated up whenever there is an international conference on Afghanistan. Sometimes rumors abound about substantial cabinet reshuffle, and sometimes about anti-corruption and the trial of corrupt officials; however, once the conferences are over, and the government secures aid assurances from the world, there are no reforms and anti-corruption. 



Even after half of their term has already elapsed, the government leaders still use reform as a slogan, and have taken no practical steps to transform governance. Corruption has hit record high, and criticism of government institutions is also on an upward trajectory. Afghans have to wait for weeks and months to get their daily government business done or bribe government officials for the lawful works.  


The non-implementation of reforms in the government has either decelerated or hampered development affairs, leading to development budget underspending by most of the ministries and other institutions despite the fact that if it is properly utilized, many jobs will be created besides the renovation of the country’s dilapidated infrastructure. 


Government leaders not only don’t have a political will for reform, but also challenge the Afghan Parliament’s endeavors aimed at rectifying the situation. The Wolesi Jirga or lower house unseated seven ministers for failing to spend the target development budget; however, the government is trying to circumvent the decision, and allow the dismissed ministers, who have failed to undertake their assigned tasks, to continue their work.


Discords between the president and the chief executive officer are deemed as a major barrier to reforms in the government, which has culminated in senior appointments being made on the basis of political considerations than merit and qualification, contrary to their slogans. The power-sharing paved the way for distribution of government posts by the two leaders to their disgruntled teammates to appease them, regardless of the principle of competency and talent. As long as government power is used as a privilege, Afghans will never witness development. The president in particular should translate his slogans into actions, and turn working in government into a responsibility than a prerogative. 


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