The crisis of IDPs in Afghanistan

Tuesday, 13 December 2016 03:47 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 362 times

Afghanistan is faced with a new immigration crisis triggered by the mass homecoming of Afghan refugees from Pakistan on the one hand, and the growing internal displacement of people by fighting on the other hand. 


UN statistics show that about half a million Afghans have been internally displaced by violence, and that figure is on the rise. UN humanitarian aid officials note that the internally displaced persons (IDPs) grappling with enormous ills are not assisted to return back to their homes, believing that if keen attention is not paid to the problems of IDPs and the returnees, Afghanistan will face a new crisis in the coming winter. 

The influx of Afghan refugees from Pakistan and Iran, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in the country have become a great challenge as the government and the international aid agencies did have preparation for their arrival. A lot of families have been displaced by fighting in areas considered to be relatively safe, and refugees who have returned back to the country are living in very bad conditions, with no access to very basis life facilities, including shelter and food. 

With the winter fast approaching, the ills of this destitute stratum will further increase since some parts of the country have a very chilly weather in which life without shelter and enough firewood would meaning playing with death. The lives of these families, especially their children, have often been threatened by the cold wave of winter. 

Given the severity of the peril, the government needs to work together with the international community to find out a logical solution to this problem. If it is unable to facilitate the return of the IDPs to their home due to ongoing fighting or other reservations, it should at least provide them with basis life facilities in the area they are presently living in. Also, the international community and wealthy Afghans should also lend a helping hand to these vulnerable families. Based on an organized strategy, funds should be raised during the winter, and distributed to deserving families before their life conditions aggravate. 






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