Fresh US efforts to whitewash its war crimes in Afghanistan

Wednesday, 07 December 2016 07:58 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 407 times

The war crimes and atrocities committed by foreign forces, particularly by Americans, during their presence in Afghanistan for over a decade and half have not been investigated appropriately. In many incidents during this time, the international troops have killed, unreasonably detained and hurt Afghan civilians in different ways. 


During the 16-year-long American presence here, Afghans have witnessed incidents involving US military in which tens of civilians have been martyred, and even entire families have been wiped out, yet they have never been questioned by independent and impartial organizations for these crimes. In most cases, they have simultaneously played the role of a killer and a jury. Whenever they have killed Afghan civilians, they have blamed human or technical faults for those killings.

Americans are on no account ready to hold themselves accountable, even they cannot tolerate these war crimes to be recorded. Recently, reports have surfaced that relations between the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and American troops have become strained over discrepancy in civilian casualty figures. In a report, the Guardian has said that the United States has been infuriated by UNAMA’s reaction against and reports on US attacks on Afghan civilians, thereby prompting American officials to consider slapping restrictions on the UN Human Rights Unit in Afghanistan. Quoting informed sources, the Guardian has said the commander of US forces in Afghanistan was deliberating to ban or restrict UN’s access to battlefields and military bases.

Since the beginning of its mission in Afghanistan, the United States has not presented any convincing response to civilian casualties. The superpower which characterizes itself as an advocate of human rights globally cannot even stand the documentation of crimes committed by its troops. Americans are so arrogant that they think no one in the world should have the nerve to release the figures of innocent people butchered by them. While it is right that many so-called international institutions will turn a blind eye to American crimes, it should not be forgotten that today’s world is not yesterday’s world. People now have access to different information sources, and can easily get information without American sources. 


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