The president’s actions in conflict with his promises

Sunday, 27 November 2016 03:49 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 398 times

President Ghani has been handling virtually all government affairs in contradiction with his election campaign pledges. He had persisted he would not form a coalition government with anyone, but he did. He had promised that he would resuscitate and help Afghan economy stand on its own feet, whereas it is floundering under his leadership.  He was one of the politicians at the forefront of the critical campaign against the former government for its institutional redundancy and appointment of a lot of advisors; however, he has turned the Presidential Palace into an “advisory club”.


While the exact number of presidential advisers is unknown, whomever is sacked for dereliction of duty or any other cause gets reappointed as adviser instead of being prosecuted. Furthermore, people who were on his presidential election ticket and now threaten to part ways with him because of not securing executive slots become his advisers. 

In a recent such development, President Ghani has appointed former IEC and IECC members as his advisers. He, on the one hand, dismissed them on allegations of electoral fraud, but on the other hand reappointed them as his advisors. If the commissioners had been involved in vote-rigging, they should have been introduced to legal and judicial institutions to face the music; however, if they were innocent, why there were illegally given the boot before completing their legal term. 

Based on a presidential decree, the former electoral commissioners will continue to enjoy all their privileges until they get new jobs. The president’s behavior is not only inconsistent with the country’s applicable laws, but also in full contradiction with his election campaign promises and values based on which Afghans voted him into office. 

The people of Afghanistan elected Ashraf Ghani in the hope of bringing about a positive change, not a repeat of the past or even its worst form. The president should note that the history will judge him as per his promises and actions, and that his “hired writers and social media activists” cannot save him from the judgment of history. 


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