Unity of Afghans only way of salvation

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 04:41 Written by  Read 360 times

Efforts to stoke up ethnic and religious tensions in Afghanistan have been intensified, and elements who have failed to incite ethnic divisions and escalate them into a conflict have now resorted to fuel sectarian strife in the country. As part these attempts, a suicide attack targeted a Shia mosque on Monday in Kabul, leaving behind as many as 80 casualties, including women and children, who had gathered to commemorate the end of Al-Arbaeen, the 40-day mourning period of Ashura.


Although Afghanistan briefly witnessed sectarian violence during the civil war, the current situation is incomparable with that time. Afghans who have experienced and suffered from sectarian violence are, on no account, willing to go back to those black days. The people of Afghanistan now know better than ever that unitedness is their only way to salvation. 

Attacks such as the Monday mosque bombing in Kabul are mostly viewed as a harbinger and menace of eruption of sectarian violence; however, if Afghan politicians and people exercise tact and wisdom, not only can they thwart the vicious schemes of enemies, but such incidents can also further unite Afghans. Afghans are now sure they are all in the same boat with a shared fate; they will swim together or God forbid will drown together. 

Now is the time to test politicians and individuals who describe themselves representatives of the people. Together with the government, these political figures should strive to keep Afghans united by averting divisions because it is the only way to overcome the current problems.  Regardless of ethnic and lingual considerations, they should inform the people that Afghans face a common enemy who should also be fought against as one. Blame game rather deepens the woes, and is, in a way, “pouring water into the enemy’s watermill” to accomplish their goals. It is time to stand out against the common enemy with one voice irrespective of political, sectarian, lingual and ethnic differences. Afghans need unanimity and fraternity more than ever and more than anything else to pass and emerge triumphant from this formidable and historic try-out. 


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