The ministers’ dismissal, fear of caretaker government

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 04:05 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 296 times

The clash between Wolesi Jirga or Lower House of Parliament and the government is not in the interest of Afghanistan in the current situation because the deeper the confrontation becomes, the more the government affairs decelerate, and the more the woes increase. Apart from that, the National Unity Government (NUG) has been beset by a sheer number of problems, and is also helpless to manage the situation. Since the inception of the NUG, the country’s security and economic situation has been exacerbating, and discords between NUG leaders have hit all-time high. The interpellation and disqualification of ministers by Wolesi Jirga, whose legitimate term has already expired, will only add to the woes of the embattled government. 



The dismissal of so many ministers at once, especially in a situation where the government has failed to deliver routine services will augment the troubles in lieu of resolving them, and can, in no way, improve the spending of development budget in the future. If the lawmakers believe they will facilitate the high expenditure of the development budget by putting a squeeze on the ministers through disqualification, it perhaps will get them nowhere. The underspending of development budget has its own reasons and until they are not addressed, things will not improve by only unseating the ministers. 


Another and the biggest fallout of this motion is to allow the dispensation to become caretaker. Wolesi Jirga knows better the designation of new individuals to replace the sacked ministers is not possible in the near future thanks to divisions between government leaders, yet it persists to proceed with the process. 

The government may stand out against the decision, and reinstate the ousted ministers to serve as acting. The reaction of the Presidential Palace signals that most of these ministers will remain acting. Furthermore, the disqualification of ministers will do more harm than good as it will render the cabinet caretaker once again. 


Acting officials have limited powers, and so it has a direct negative impact on the expenditure of budget. Suppose that the ministers have spent 40 percent of their development budget this year, if they become acting, they may spend far less than that because their authorities will be limited. Also, many officials don’t feel responsible while serving as acting, which slows down development affairs. Finally, this move of Wolesi Jirga that has also been welcome by some people may do more harm than good. 


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