Daesh in Afghanistan new name of old project

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There are a lot of questions about the identity of fighters operating under the so-called Islamic State (IS) group, or Daesh in Afghanistan from the very beginning. Some Afghan politicians believe these fighters are not affiliated with the IS terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. At the time of its emergence, even the National Directorate of Security of Afghanistan had been accused to be supporting the group in Afghanistan.

Although the Afghan government continues to underline fight against Daesh, with reports virtually on daily basis about the causalities of the group in country’s east, there seems to be no tangible decline in the group’s terror activities, and the fighters remain to be a great threat to the masses and government.
In his recent remarks, Afrasiab Khattak, the President of the Avami National Party (ANP) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has stated that Daesh was another name of the Taliban project, arguing there was no any new group such as Daesh in Afghanistan; only the Taliban project was renamed ‘Daesh’.
According to Khattak, as long as Pakistan continued to support and nurture extremist groups, new militant outfits seeking to protect the interests and goals of some Pakistani agencies would emerge one after another.
Daesh, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, and tens of other names have been chosen for a similar ideology whose principle goal was to promote extremism, he stressed, adding that unless Pakistan seriously fought against terrorism, the region would remain in turmoil, and the real IS might also emerge alongside the Pakistan’s phony Daesh because the tribal belt was an appropriate breeding ground for them to operate, after which neither Pakistan nor any other regional country would be able to rein in the situation.

Pakistan is globally known as a hotbed and nest of extremist groups and for their use as proxy forces against other countries. Often called as a terrorism sponsor state, Pakistan, through its proxy forces, has been behind violence and instability in Afghanistan for the past four decades, and is creating troubles for in India. The activities of any terror group and terrorists around the world have been traced back to Pakistan.   
Despite so much concrete evidence, the global powers, especially nations who think are in the forefront of the fight against terrorism, have not taken any serious action against Pakistan. This suggests that these players, particularly the United States of America, have intentionally allowed Pakistan to use terrorists as pawns to protect its interests, which is indeed not in the interest of any country, including Pakistan. While the use of terrorism as a means to protect interests may have short-term benefits, it can become a threat to the world, and even to its founding countries, in the long run. Accordingly, the game of good and bad terrorists should be called off, and the world must unanimously ‘say no to any kind of terrorism’.


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