The slogans and fallouts of 15-year US presence in Afg

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This week marked the fifteenth anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan. The United States of America invaded Afghanistan a decade and a half ago after Al-Qaeda suicide bomber targeted the World Trade Center in New York. In addition to the death of about 2, 300 American troops, tens of thousands of Afghan civilians and security forces have been killed, hundreds of thousands wounded and forced to leave their homes and villages since the war has begun.

Contrary to their nature, the people of Afghanistan who are viewed as the destroyers of empires welcomed Americans for deposing the Taliban and their slogans. Afghans accepted the UN Security Council Resolution on Afghanistan, and joined the democratic process with the hope of a bright future. Afghans, which were weary of war and oppression, expected that the US involvement in Afghanistan would liberate them from the evil of neighboring countries, while also helping them have a prosperous life.
Afghan side also had vested interests in the goals America was pretending for its presence in Afghanistan. The fight against terrorism and narcotics, and the rehabilitation of infrastructure destroyed by war were the seeming US goals in Afghanistan. These were the very issues that Afghans also wished, and thought to be in their interests.  Afghans, and even according to former diplomats, the Taliban did not want their country to be used against other countries. Furthermore, Afghans traditionally don’t like the illegal drugs, and view opium as haram (forbidden in Islam) so that is why the US motto of poppy eradication was welcome. The renovation of infrastructure ruined in wars, and becoming an economically self-sufficient nation were the wishes of the war-stricken Afghans, which encouraged them to accept the American presence in their country.
The American presence lasted for 15 years under these three slogans in Afghanistan. The situation is reversed about the first two -- counter terrorism and narcotics, while there is also no tangible and fundamental improvement in the third area. Afghanistan is more insecure than it was during the initial years of the US invasion, and there are more terrorist groups active than ever. The cultivation of narcotics has increased by manyfold, and Afghanistan is considered as the world’s biggest producer of drugs. Although there is a little progress made in economic infrastructure and welfare, it is not fundamental because 39 percent of Afghans still live below the poverty line.
There is a total dichotomy between the words and actions of America since its involvement in Afghanistan, a factor that has effectively led to the protraction of war. It will be good for the US to pursue its interests in Afghanistan through peaceful means other than its current wrong polices and the prolongation of conflict.

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