Prerogatives without responsibilities

Monday, 03 October 2016 03:49 Written by  Heart of asia Read 211 times

Following the ouster of the Taliban regime, and the establishment of the new government in Afghanistan, steps to ensure justice and nation-building were not undertaken as required. The war-weary Afghans turned a blind eye to the activities of politicians during and before the civil war in the hope that lasting peace and stability would return to the country. Those accused of human rights violations and crimes during the internecine war were not prosecuted, and the issue of transitional justice was also taken off the table for fear of deterioration of the situation again. 

Thought this temporarily prevented the country from descending back into instability, it further complicated the fair sharing of power in the long run, which led to an unbalanced division of privileges and the power from the top to the very low-level government posts over the past decade and a half.
Instead of merit and qualifications, other elements were adopted as prerequisites for taking over government slots. During this period, certain circles and groups, who consider themselves as the heroes of the anti-Soviet Jihad and the deserving recipients of all kinds of privileges without any accountability, usurped most of the senior positions under the name of Jihad.

They always speak first when it comes to any power-sharing arrangements in the country. They view themselves as representatives of the people, and therefore, always get the lion’s share of all privileges, from government posts to public contracts.
Based on the principles of politics in democratic societies, privileges are shared in accordance with responsibilities; however, these circles regard themselves an exception to such principles, and have always received concessions without assuming the due responsibility.
If and whenever raising the problems of people threatens their interests, they rather choose to remain silent only for the sake of their interests instead of holding themselves accountable to the public. The last incident of them ignoring the problems of the people is their silence on the killing of Afghan civilians by foreign troops.
All those who term themselves the representatives of people while getting the privileges have been quiet about the killing of Afghans in airstrikes, as if they have never received the privileges on behalf of the people under the name of Jihad. 
The time has come for the power and privileges to be justly shared among individuals who also equally assume responsibilities in the country. Those who have been benefiting from privileges under the name of Jihad for years should hold themselves accountable to the public, and understand that prerogatives are tied to the takeover of responsibilities.

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