New regional alliances, and the need for a shift in US policies

Sunday, 25 September 2016 03:20 Written by  Read 358 times

Many political observers blame the wrong US policies for all the current woes and wars in the region, which have also led to the expansion of terrorism and its sub-sequential brutality.

In any country where the US has initiated the so-called war on terror, troubles and miseries have mounted instead of the terrorism being stamped out. Afghanistan and Iraq are the two main victims of such an interference. The decade-and-half-long American military presence has descended both countries into an acute instability. Compared to the past, the number and activities of militants groups have increased, and the nature of violence and terror has taken an increasingly uglier face in Afghanistan. Previously it was Al-Qaeda, but now it is Daesh which poses a great threat to the country. The atrocities of Daesh have been unprecedented and unparalleled, and have never been committed by Al-Qaeda. Additionally, the activities and extremism of the Taliban have also further grown.
While the US spent billions of dollars, and killed thousands of civilians in its so-called war on terror in the region, the results are squarely the opposite. The American intervention, contrary to its motto, has led to the emergence of more extremist groups, and a rising violence. The US policies not only have not eradicated terrorism, but have also further strengthened it. Even American politicians acknowledge that the new terror groups are more dangerous than the old ones. Because of these very wrong American policies, not only the region, but also the entire world is now faced with a greater threat and menace of terrorism, thereby leading to new regional alliances and shifting dynamics. In a new development, Russia has held its first ever joint military drills with Pakistan. Moscow, which was against Islamabad during the cold war, sent 70 of its soldiers to Pakistan to take part in military exercises.
Afghans are tired of the double US standards in its war against terrorism. If America proceeds with its current policies in the region, especially in Afghanistan, Afghans may also perhaps part ways with them, and Afghanistan will have no option, but to team up and forge an alliance with the powerful regional countries.

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