Afghanistan’s weak representation at UNGA

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 04:14 Written by  Heart of asia Read 445 times

It is the second consecutive year that the president of Afghanistan doesn’t attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Last year, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Unity Government (NUG) represented Afghanistan, while this year, the Second Vice President Sarwar Danish is due to attend the Assembly.

As an international forum attended by senior delegations from countries around the world, the UN General Assembly is a great window to discuss the problems of nations. Many countries facing problems and challenges similar to those faced by Afghanistan properly avail this opportunity. These nations are mostly represented by their heads of states, who, with full preparation, expressly speak up about their issues.
It is the second year that Afghanistan is represented by others, not its president, while the problems of the country are growing, and the best channel to share them with the world is the UN General Assembly. Even if we accept that the Afghan delegation without the president can share the issues of the country with the world, no one can condone the weight attached to what the president says. What the president states definitely carries more weight than that of what others can say.
There are various questions about the representation of Afghanistan at the UN in addition to its General Assembly. There is a lot of criticism about the Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) by social media users so that is why the UNGA becomes more significant for Afghanistan to be better represented.

It is justifiable if the president really cannot attend the UN General Assembly due to health issues; however, nothing else can justify otherwise. Or President Ashraf Ghani might have refused to attend the UNGA because he has nothing to tell and offer the world.  The National Unity Government has not done anything over the past two years to share them with the world.

Whatever the reason may be, the weak representation of Afghanistan at a huge international gathering, especially in the current delicate situation, is detrimental to the future of the country. The UN General Assembly was a great room for Afghanistan to share its problems related to the ongoing conflict, peace, economy, interference of neighboring countries, and refugees with the world, and to tell the nations that Afghanistan is a victim of an imposed war.

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