Government asked to fix trade deficit

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 02:12 Written by

Authorities in the Central Statistics Organization (CSO) said Afghanistan’s annual imports cost $7 billion USD; therefore, government should support domestic products in order to fix the trade deficit.

Czech Republic will invest $70 million on cement production in west Afghanistan, officials said Sunday.

Kabul residents concerned about price hike

Sunday, 26 March 2017 15:59 Written by

A number of Kabul residents on Sunday said they are concerned about price hike in local markets, adding that government has failed to take action in this respect.

Pakistan’s crackdown against Afghan nationals illegally staying in the country is badly hitting the famed Afghan carpet business, as a large number of artisans have left Peshawar and other parts of the country.

The high economic council has announced that a women’s chamber of commerce and industries will be established in the near future to help the businesswomen expand their economic activities.

Afghanistan and Germany will jointly invest nearly 70 million euro for the establishment of a modern Sukuk printing company, allowing the country to print its own money, the General Directorate of Enterprises and Government Companies announced.

The closure of Torkham crossing has created many problems for residents and businessmen in a number of provinces located along the Durand Line, local businessmen and residents said.

Germany plans to support the reconstruction of Afghanistan with 240 million euros (257 million dollars) in aid, adding another country to the list of nations to receive funds from Berlin this month.

The government of India intends to spend around $450 million in housing projects in Afghanistan, it has been reported.

The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing informed regarding India’s intention following a meeting between the Indian Ambassador Manpreet Vohra and Minister Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi.

If the absence of a full-time minister and the consequential fragility of the ministry of mines, is not addressed, it would have negative repercussions for economy of the country, the Natural Resources Monitoring Network said.