Afghan returnee invests in fast food restaurant

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An Afghan man who returned home after 30 years has invested a loan of 180,000 AFs in a fast food restaurant, giving employment to four people.


Asadullah Noori migrated to Iran 30 years ago and then traveled to Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. He returned home 11 years ago but left the country to India as he found situation unsuitable for living in Afghanistan.

Noori said he borrowed money from his friends. He serves Indian and European foods in his restaurant.

“I have started this business newly. I will serve other foods from different countries in my restaurant. I have talked with my friends, they said they will visit here,” he said.

Assad uses his experiences and the skills he learned while living and working in European and Asian countries.

“Governments in foreign countries help people when they see their talent in a business. Even they provide them financial and technical aid to help them improve their business,” he said.

Assadullah’s son who helps his father in this business studied accounting in India.


“Students should have a job when they study. It gives them the experience to move forward successfully,” said Abdulhai Noori, Assadullah’s son.

Noori said he has at least 30 customers every day.

“This restaurant opened newly and I think it serves good foods for its customers,” said Mohammad Jawed, a resident of Kabul.

The owner of the restaurant called on the government to provide safe opportunities for investors.


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