Afghan ports to be handed over to MoF

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Management and control of all entry and exit ports in the country will be transferred from the Ministry of Commerce and Industries to the Ministry of Finance within the next two months, the Afghan Ministry of Finance has announced.


Currently, Afghanistan has fifteen small and large ports.

Officials at the Ministry of Finance said with the transfer of responsibility for the ports to the ministry of Finance, there will be major reforms at these ports and government revenues are expected to increase as a result.

Officials added that the Aqina and Nimroz ports will be constructed during the coming year to meet the needs of domestic and foreign merchants. These ports are currently not adequate to meet the needs of the merchants. The capacities of the ports are to be increased.

“The process of transfer from the ministry commerce to the Ministry of Finance is ongoing and may take two months to complete. We have made assessments and found that in some places ports parts are not efficient. We need to increase their capabilities and provide them with the necessary equipment,” said deputy of customs in the Ministry of Finance, Najibullah Wardak.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said businessmen are facing many challenges at Afghanistan ports. These include commodity reviews, the complexity of administrative processes and overheads. By transferring these ports to the Ministry of Finance, there is a serious need to solve the problems of businessmen.

“The lack of warehouses at ports is another serious problem. These should be equipped with modern equipment to keep our goods and property secured. Another very serious problem is that, in the unloading of materials, it, unfortunately, takes ten to fifteen days,” said Siyam Psarlai, spokesman for ACCI.

The ports of Aqina, Hairatan, Aai Khanum, Sher Khan, Torghundi, Islam Qala, Abu Nasr Farahi, Nimroz, Spin Boldak, Ghulam Khan and Turkham are Afghanistan ports. 

According to the Ministry of Finance, Aqina and Nimroz ports will be constructed to world standards in order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign merchants.


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