Afghan firm launches flagship showroom in Kabul

Sunday, 08 October 2017 03:16 Written by  Heart of Asia Published in Economy Read 429 times

Blue Sonic - an Afghan company that manufactures and assembles computers and computer components – on Friday night launched its flagship showroom in Share Naw in Kabul city. 


This state of the art showroom, which also boasts an in-store coffee shop, has a wide range of products on display – from touchscreen desk top computers through to laptops, smartphones and other Blue Sonic gadgets. 

Speaking to TOLOnews on Friday night, Syed Hashimi, the company’s founder and CEO, said he is continually looking to expand his product range and his market, both domestically and internationally. 

He also said he would like to get government to support his initiative. 

“We do not want the government to give us money; support can be in the form of purchasing our products. Use our (locally manufactured) products so we can expand our investment,” said Hashimi. 

He said government’s support in terms of purchasing locally produced goods was critical to boosting the country’s economy. 

Blue Sonic computer equipment and accessories meet international standards and are growing in popularity in the country – among both the private sector and the public. 

A good service center offers quick solutions to any problems customers face, said one Blue Sonic employee. 

One Blue Sonic computer user, Abdul Khalil Azizi said he was very happy with his computers. 

“I've used these computers and tablets, their quality is really great,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Popal the advisor to the Ministry of Economy said government should do more to help the development of the private sector - especially manufacturing companies.

He also said government should start purchasing and using locally manufactured goods as a way to support these companies.

“It is very good if we can have some other companies like this company in Afghanistan, in order to prevent imports to some extent and to create jobs in Afghanistan and provide facilities in the country,” Popal said.


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