Businesswomen ask govt’ help to expand economic activities

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 03:27 Written by  Heart of Asia Published in Economy Read 411 times

A number of Afghan businesswomen asked the Afghan government to help them expand their businesses and economic activities.


Businesswomen believe that government’s cooperation would help them to expand their activities and hire more female employees.

Rahima is an Afghan businesswoman who has invested in a company that polishes gemstones and produces carpets.

She says that the investment was aimed to hire female workers, train them and produce quality products for local markets.

“The lack of access to marketing is one of the biggest problems for us, because we cannot sell our products on the local markets,” she said.

Rahima has hired over 70 female workers at her company where they work in different fields such polishing of the gemstones, carpet weaving and cosmetics.

These women have said they have learnt many skills over a short period of time while at Rahima’s company.

“Our expectation is that with government help we can build more companies so that women can work and earn money for their children,” said one of the employees, Farishta.

“I also work at home, I take orders and weave carpets and then sell them to the market,” said another worker, Belqis.

The lack of access for women to loans, the lack of proper market places for women to sell their products and the lack of infrastructure are among key issues businesswomen in Afghanistan face.  


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