Chinese eye further investments in One Belt One Road countries

Monday, 17 April 2017 03:20 Written by  Heart of Asia Published in Economy Read 314 times

Tajikistan officials have said that Chinese businessmen are keen to increase their investments in countries along the One Belt One Road project.

The officials said initial work on the project has started in Tajikistan.


“Investments of Chinese companies is the big part of the One Belt One Road’s implementation. The change which you see in people’s lives today is the result of our government’s policies. We support the One Belt One Road project and we believe in it,” said Murad Ali Mardan, head of Tajikistan Agricultural Development Bank.

“State-of-the-art equipment is being used in the project. This reveals that we will be able to produce high quality cotton and other products,” said Sherov Dost Murad, manager of a factory in Tajikistan.

This comes after the Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi said last month that the One Belt One Road project – which is a new draft by China – is important for Afghanistan and the region.

He said that they had already aligned most of their domestic plans according to the One Belt One Road initiative.


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