Low wage angers labors in Kabul industrial parks

Tuesday, 07 March 2017 03:45 Written by  Heart of Asia Published in Economy Read 319 times

A number of labors at Kabul industrial parks have said that only 200 Afs are paid as wage to them on daily basis despite they work 12 hours a day.

They said that unemployment has forced them to work for only 5000 Afs a month.


Meanwhile, some factory owners have said that in the wake of growing unemployment, firms and factories are hiring the labors for only few money and exploit their genuine rights.

Alongside economic hardships, unemployment is one of the key reasons which has been forcing the labors to work for less money.

Abdul Rahman is a labor who returned from Pakistan with his thirteen member family. But now he works for 12 a day in Kabul industrial park and the company pays him only 5500 Afs a month.

According to Abdul Rahman, currently he lives in his relative house over financial issues.

“There are some factories who hardly manage to hire labors, therefore some labors are hired with less money, up to fifteen people consult us for work in a week, but we are unable to hire all of them,” said Sherzad Yousufzai, a factory owner in Kabul industrial park.

“I came here for work from Nangarhar, but now I am compel to work in low wage despite I do heavy works, I work twelve hours a day and stay here day and night,” said labor Ziaullah.

In the view of current unemployment in the country, labors union has blasted the government for not implementing the labors law to protect to the right of the labors in the country.

According to labor unions, the employers are exploiting the legal gaps and exploit the rights of the labors.


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