Jamiat Leadership Council backs Ghani-Noor deal

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 05:11 Written by

In a press release issued on Sunday, Jamiat-e-Islami party reiterated its call for the full enactment of the political agreement by President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah in order to meet national issues.

A recent report issued by a US agency estimates that the Afghan government controls less than 60 percent of the country. Afghan officials put the blame on the US and NATO which have failed to stabilize the country, while political and economic analysts recall the aid provided by the USSR and hope that now Russia can also help out.

 In Afghanistan — arguably into its third decade of near-constant warfare — the problems of procuring the fuel, medicine, concrete and so on that are needed desperately to rebuild and sustain the devastated country are part and parcel of the state’s weakness.

Commander vows to purge ABP of corruption

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 03:54 Written by

Col. Mohammad Ayub Hussainkhel, Afghan Border Police (ABP) commander in the eastern zone, says an anti-corruption drive has led to the arrest of some service members and transfers of 30 others.

Obama has left Trump a disaster in Afghanistan

Tuesday, 31 January 2017 03:31 Written by

In President Trump’s inaugural address he promised that “America will start winning again, winning like never before.” He said while the U.S. “defended other nations’ borders, it spent trillions and trillions overseas while America’s infrastructure has fallen into disrepair and decay.”

An ominous week-long standoff between the government and its rogue first vice president is choking traffic and dominating talk in the edgy Afghan capital. Police units have been stationed at strategic points near his fortified compound, and everyone is asking the same question: Are they going to arrest Abdurrashid Dostum?

The United States doesn’t have to lose its longest war … but winning won’t be easy.

Nearly 2,400 American service member have died during the war in Afghanistan. Along with so many of its sons and daughters, taxpayers sacrificed almost a $1 trillion to hold the country since 2001. Not all that cash went to war, of course. The United States spent around $115 billion of it to reconstruct a country the Taliban had ravaged.

Following the transition of power in Washington, Russian observers have identified new opportunities for Russian-American cooperation on Afghanistan. Initially, Russia gave the impression that it had a positive view of the US and NATO mission in Afghanistan. In the first few years, Washington and Moscow actively worked together. But the deterioration of bilateral relations towards the end of the 2000s led to Russia and the West drifting apart on the issue. For example, Washington criticized alleged secret negotiations that Russian diplomats held with representatives of the radical Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan. The Russian Foreign Ministry claims that no such negotiations have ever taken place.

More than 50 percent of private health centres, clinics and medical stores in Khost City, the capital of southeastern Khost province, have been functional without work permits from the municipality.

The Afghanistan war was forgotten during the 2016 presidential campaign although the war is the longest American war in US history. After 16 years including NATO participation, the war is inconclusive - there is no peace and seemingly no end. The war has been between U.S./NATO and the Taliban. Originally the Taliban conquered many towns and provinces without fighting as the townsmen welcomed them because they were disappointed with the mujahidin internal intrigue just the same as the American public who were disappointed with the established political order in Washington during 2016 election that led to the victory of President-Elect Donald Trump.